Spiritual Potpourri Lectures


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Spiritual Potpourri Lecture Saturday April 5, 2014 Fresno, CA 1 hour 10 min

Dr. Salo Stanley Spiritual Potpourri Lecture at the "Center" Bridging Body mind and Spirit in Fresno, CA. Dr. Salo Stanley plays the native american flute and heart crystal bowl at the beginning. She talks of self responsibility to ourselves. The discovery in September 2013 of the Amplituhedron that everything in the Universe comes down to one sacred geometry structure the Amplituhedron. The whole Universe is sacred geometry, which is vibration and sound. We talk of the symbols left by renaissance artists for the future awakening of humanity. How art changes consciousness. Ufos in renaissance art and that most renaissance artists were time travelers. Let me know what ya think and send me an email atsalo2@comcast.net. Blessings Salo



Spiritual Potpourri Lecture March 1, 2014 Part 1 Fresno, CA at the Center Body Mind and Spirit 

We talked of balance in life, being in the moment, sound therapy, cymatics how a sound makes a a shape or symbol.  Light bulbs changing, how floresent lights are not very good for you.  Time slips, time travel, getting ahead of ourselves. Follow your greatest execeitment in the moment as Bashar states!


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Spiritual Potpourri Lecture with Dr. Salo Stanley 11-2-13

Saturn in Scoripo the next 2 years meeting our fears. How can we not be worried what others are doing to us and not be annoyed. Mercury retrograde, solar flares and so much more.




Kindness Matters, this was the quote in lecture I did not totally quote correctly but here it is by Anita Moorjani.

Spiritual Potpourri Lecture with Dr. Salo Stanley, D.C. 10-5-13

"Kindness Matters" Compassion, Power and Toetum animals. The subject of the Sun Square Pluto and the Government shutdown. The New Moon energy. Galactic Light Art. Power animals a question from the audience. dr. Salo Stanley talks of the power animal adventure in Machi Picu in Peru with the Panther. Talking of downsizing moving the office and that kindness matters in the Universe. If you find these Lectures serve you in the Universe, please put a donation in for these lectures, it is sooooo appreciated!! Please also provide some feedback too at salo2@comcast.net  Blessings Salo


Spiritual Potpourri Lecture September 7, 2013 with Dr. Salo Stanley,D.C.  1 hour 17 min

The art of practicing something in life. We have to practice anything we want in order to be in our self mastery.   How it relates to business and money.  The law of attraction taken further to a 4 point diamond.  1. At the top is the intention of what we want. 2 Is our patterns that hold us up that we are not aware of, but by becoming aware we can awaken to our true potentials. 3.  Technical side is our 10,000 hours of practice and self mastery of our arts, dance, business, service whatever even product. 4. Lastly is the timing of event, what the signs, dreams, feelings, emotions, symbols, animals ect.  Look for them in 3's, just don't take one sign.  Go with flow, but your inner flow.  With all 4 together we create motion forward with our dreams and manifestation.  We talk of 11:11 3:33, 4:44 numbers and what they mean.  Please let me know what you think of the lecture I love to hear feedback!! My email is salo2@comcast.net.  If this lecture serves you, then please leave a donation on the pay pal button if you can.  Blessings Salo


Spiritual Potpourri Lecture Saturday August 3, 2013 Dr. Salo Stanley, D.C.

We talked about creating your own Virtual Reality with sound therapy, some astrological alignments that were happening in July 2013. It is the green light now to move forward with projects, dreams, leaving relationship, moving ect. Dr. Salo Stanley plays the Native American Flute at the beginning along with the Heart Crystal bowl. Hope you like it.   Let me know what ya think, I love to receive feedback via emails at salo2@comcast.net.  Blessings Salo


Spiritual Potpourri Lecture Saturday July 6, 2013 1 hour 10 min with Dr. Salo Stanley.

Dr. Stanley talks of Mercury Retrograde June 26, 2013 to July 20, 2013.  A UFO sighting in Kingman AZ Sunday May 12, 2013 and a sighting on May 15, 2013 on West and Shaw in Fresno, CA.  More light orbs are going to appear in the Daylight for light beings to contact us with those who have a open heart, and are positive.  Ufo's can be awesome to start with our contact with our dreams and then intentions telepathic, but with anything have discernment with what feels good and what doesn't as anything in life.  Law of Attraction is talked about, crop circles this year on how formed and Italy crop circles.  Q and A's at the end.  Please let me know if you enjoyed it and your thoughts it is so appreciated.  Many Blessings and Angels Salo

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Spiritual Potpourri Lecture May 4, 2013 Dr. Salo Stanley, D.C.

 "It is Daring to take control of your life"  Time to leave that relationship that is not working.  The 3 eclipses that we are in.  The body aches and pains we are experiencing .  How to call back our own personal gifts and tools we have given away.  We are of value, what we value in life.  Follow your creativity.


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Here is my lecture at the Cosmic Corral on April 13, 2013 talking on my journey sound therapy and galactic light language.


April 6, 2013 Spiritual Potpourri Lecture with Dr. Salo Stanley

We talked of the 3 eclipses coming up April 25, 2013, May 9, 2013 and May 25, 2013 and the energies happening.  No longer can we have co dependent relationships.  Divine Sovereignty with our relationships.  Boundries, life challenges we are being presented right now.  Being firm, following our passions.  Dr. Stanley plays her Native American flute at the start with the crystal singing bowl for the heart.  Few stories and questions and answers at the end.  

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March 2, 2013 Spiritual Potpourri Lecture with Dr. Salo Stanley


Dr. Salo Stanley plays her Native American Flute and crystal bowl heart chakra F.  She talks of her spiritual experience Sedona, sound, 72 degree pyramids in Russia, people a bit projections now with it being mercury retrograde.  A paranormal experience that happened at the office.  How to download your higher-self mastery and gift.  The body deva and Higher self soul/spirit. She takes some personal questions and answers and offers at the end everyones on personal galactic glyph she hand writes for them.  The lecture ends at 55 min without a goodbye due to the channeling that was provided.  But I can say the closing now.  "May you follow your dreams, have fun and be with a thousand angels!!  It is free to listen off the player.


February 2, 2013 Spiritual Potpourri Lecture

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We talked of the new children on the planet with the 4 extra condons in there DNA right now and who are illness free.  They are setting the grids for all of us in the future for decrease body discomfort and illness.  We too can activate these codons.  Dr. Stanley played her Native American Flute at the beginning along with the heart chakra crystal bowls.  We also talked about how we can ground in our magnetics and our divine line in everyday.  Let me know what ya think.  I can be emailed at salo2@comcast.net for questions too.  If you like the recording donations are very much appreciated via paypal button!




January 5, 2013 Spiritual Potpourri Lecture 

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We talked of the numberology or 2013, galactic light language, and did some personal readings for people for the personal year you are in.  To find out your personal year just add up your birth month and birth day numbers and bring it down to a single digit.  For example if your birthday is 1/15/1963 you just and  up month 1 plus the day 15.  1 +15=16 1+6=7 you take that 7 and add it to the world number 2013=6  so you add your 7 +6=13  1+3=4 so 4 is your personal year.  Once you know your personal year you can listen to this recording so when I mention 4 it pertains to you!  This is a long spiritual potpourri lecture 1.5 hours.


You can listen below on your computer 1-5-13 Spiritual Potpourri Lecture


Spiritual Potpourri Lecture with Dr. Salo Stanley 10-6-12 "Armageddon Has Been Canceled Due To Lack Of Interest"

We started out with some crystal bowl toning.  Listen to what your guides say unstead of getting hit with 2 x4.  Armageddon for 2012 has been canceled due to lack of interest!!! Yeah!  What I learned and shared at the Walk in Conference in Phoenix, Az.  UFO ships, Pledians, Sirians starseeding our planet.  The galactic federation wanted to give up on planet earth in the early 1960's but the Pledidans and Sirians stepped in.  The quarantine is over, we are going into the 4th 5th up to 7th density now setting templates for present and next 300 plus years here on earth.  Saturn goes into Scoripo Oct. 6, 2012 meeting our fears over the next 2.5 years. and so much more.  We only had about 14 people, but this was awesome lecture.  Hope you enjoy let me know what ya think and if your really like it, donations are so appreciated!!! Blessings Salo


Part 1 of Spiritual Pop 10-6-12 

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Part 2 Spiritual Pop 10-6-12

the download link is here http://www.box.com/s/7vjfry7w4d9lf73xgfp9


Spiritual Potpourri Lecture with Dr. Salo Stanley 9-1-12

Dr. Salo Stanley talked about following our intuition no matter how it looks.  "Don't Dream It, Be It!"  The energies of the blue moon sandwich we just experiened this week.  What we were living 6 lifetimes in this lifetime we are now living all our lifetimes in this lifetimes with new gifts coming.  The prompting of buying a new car.  The starbucks drive thru, with going onto a new path.  No longer walking our paths this week but running.  Do what our dreams and gifts are.   Coorporate business where the suits worked for 20 years are now leaving and doing a spiritual path and all the new agers that were persuing their spiritual work, lectures, workshops, retreats, nature are now going back to coorporate to spread light and wisdom they have learned and change how big business works.  We are all now walking in both worlds, a bridge. So much more information too!  Let me know what ya think?  Blessings Salo

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Spiritual Potpourri Lecture 8-4-12


Dr. Stanley talks about the Sun being a stargate to our Milky Way where UFO come in and out of sunspots which are black holes and white hole on the other side for interdimentional travel.  The other end is the volcanos of planet earth, how cool! We talk of engaging and interacting with others through the law of attraction and what results with a true story.  Judgements, fear, the energy of mass consciousness how to turn down the volume.  Meditation, sound therapy, pineal glad some techniques on how to bring in our higher self to solve problems in the Universe.  The crop circle in Baveria how formed.  Spiral energy in the Universe and that we are walking black holes creating our Universe through thought and heartfelt intention. Questions and answers from the audience answered at the end.  Let me know what ya think!

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Spiritual Potpourri Lecture 7-7-12 1 hour 7 min.

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 We talk of our new office finding it and the spirutal challenges happening.  The Solar Flares, new spiritual families coming, Alien Beings, learning lessons with grace and ease.  Two tools to to help calm you in the moment when feeling freaked out.  Bringing in our future self 5 years from the future with all wisdom in now to help us.


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