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Creation #8

This Galactic Light Language is an Aboriginal transmission from down under. It is one of the many stories of Creation. The circles are sacred spots, ley lines, ceremony and camping of energy upon a site. The lines are traveling. Every creation is always there the birds, plants, animals, and humans are all interconnected with one another. We are always in dreamtime before we came, when we are here on Earth and when we die. It would be akin to our enlightenment of our multidimensional selves. All information is left upon the grid of planet earth as information, storytelling and experience of emotions. The Aboriginal tribes are the gatekeepers, scribes, and they remember all. They leave a trail to remember who you are. You will never forget again. This Galactic Light Language transmission will help you remember who you are. Just be yourself. It awakens our heart that we are all one. It provides birthing the creation of creativity. It provides self-expression of your desires and excitement. Follow that excitement act upon it, don’t wait do it now!!!

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