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Portals of Desire #9

With a new Stargate opening right now on Planet Earth we are given many portals of choice. Many interdimensional realities are there. Desire is what we have the capacity to manifest. Not what other peoples desires are, but what your internal divine light of desires are. We are always in the same moment happening now. Not desires from the past or future. What really is the highest potential path? What changes is our reality/desires or parallel universes we line up with moment to moment. Time does not happen linear. It more like a film clip from scene to scene. Choose your highest desire potential for what your Higher self would like. What desires do your higher self body deva would like and what your higher self team want. By viewing this transmission, it helps you to line up to that reality in the higher realms. Where your desires and needs are being met in those higher realms. Activate that hologram to be reflected down here. The Galactic Star Beings are helping and supporting this new evolutionary state that is taking place on Planet Earth right now. By viewing this transmission it will help you feel the reality that will create the most freedom, joy, security and self-expression. #9

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