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#10 New Metatron's Cube

Opening Doorways and removing blocks. Many sacred geometry structures are found in Metatron’s Cube. In fact every know shape is here. This is what creates our physical reality. It is our own universal divine energy flowing through us. It creates balance and flow by looking at this structure. It helps us understand how this physical plane works and how to build and manifest our dreams. The knowledge of this Universe is here in this structure, therefore a library of information and solutions are there. If you just look and contemplate this symbol, it helps with personal transformation. It is also a very healing symbol for the human body, mind and spirit. Healing also occurs by the cube spinning away lower vibrational frequencies into a higher vibrational frequency of integration. The white galactic light language seen in this drawing means “There is a new Metatron Cube emerging on planet earth right now, even beyond the tree of knowledge. It is the Galactic Universal Tree of Knowledge being transmitted now since 12-21-12. Be open to this new knowledge and healing on the planet. Prepared to be amazed!

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