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#11 Pineal Gland spin

The New Earth is here in 4D and beyond. New life, new grids, new sacred geometry is coming. By viewing this galactic light language it helps us connect with the new grids of the planet. It provides a new blueprint of enlightenment and ascension in our energetic field. The spinning effect rearranges the pineal gland fluid to create a new vortex. This helps remove the calcification of the pineal gland and restructures the arrangement of the crystalline structures. You may feel a bit dizzy, or disoriented while looking at this transmission. Viewing this transmission in short spurts is recommended. The white glyphs transmissions are the new blueprints of bringing us updated software to our new pineal gland. The pineal gland is our third eye which is our psychic center for inner vision. It is where our spirit enters and exits for information in the Universe. It helps us become multidimensional beings. This transmission helps unscramble our old programing and beliefs. Clears the deck for the new information coming to the grids of the planet.

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