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Hand Zendala #17

This transmission is about the human hand and energy. The hand is the wonderful creator. It can build houses, write novels, and paint works of art. It is the receiver and giver of energy that is used for hands on healing as in Reiki or any other healing modality. It is the human hand of the receptors of touch and feeling. The soul is comforted with that wonderful stroke of the hand. It is the greeter when shaking hands for the first time, and the waving of the hand for departure. It is the holding of the hand with a loved one that feels so nurturing. To touch ones heart with the Hand is very special. The circle around the hand creates a mandala a sacred space to our creations. When viewing this mandala we are in a state of centeredness. We are Zen. That is why I call it a Hand Zendala. The symbol of the hand is the human saying “I was here on planet earth and I created and manifested. It is this calling card that was left in the ancient caves in France and the Petroglyphs in the Southwest. “Yes, I am human and I was here!” This glyph of the Hand Zendala states “Go out and create today. Connect with your divine spirit. Utilize this wonderful gift and be in deep appreciation of this wonderful tool of Creation.”

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