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Medicine Wheel Hand #14

This Galactic Light Language Drawing represents the capturing of our own Medicine Wheel Mandala. It is time to create and express your own divine gifts/talents. Planet Earth is an awesome place to manifest. Gather your own inner gifts. Bring in the divine light onto the top of your head into the center of your body one inch in front of the spine. Then ground that energy of light into the center crystal of mother Earth and up to divine source. You create your own mandala /medicine wheel. The galactic beings overhead in the skies are transmitting this creativity to the grids of the planet. This information is the creative spark that is our own divine birthright. Freedom is here now with the new grids on the planet. Freedom to express our diversity. Expressing this freedom, helps give others on planet earth permission to express too! The Wolf paw prints are the totem of the Teacher. Stop being the student it is now time for you to be the teacher!

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