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Wormhole #20

This transmission is about expansion through the many wormholes we are going through now and the future. It reminds me of the flower power children from the 1960’s, and Peter Max Posters of the Age of Aquarius setting the templates for the future which is here now!!! The circles and the squares. The female and the male, heaven and earth. Each week is another choice for what parallel reality we choose. Intentions are powerful right now so make them count. Each moment is an opening of a wormhole. Over the next few years a state of dreaminess cloaks us. We will feel lost, confused, expanded and contracted. That is what it feels like to time travel and go through a wormhole. As we are standing in this wormhole it is like looking out a window and seeing ghosts, spirits, guides, angels, our past lives our future life’s appear before us. Blending, merging, contracting and expanding until we begin to awaken to all that is. Awaken to letting go of what we thought was real. The result is freedom from illusion. Freedom to be who we are in this moment. With that self-realization the Universe begins to support us. It supports us because we are supporting ourselves. We begin to live in the moment and begin to have our passions, desires and intentions to manifest.

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