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#6 New Flower of Life

Welcoming in the New Year of 2013. This planetary transmission came from 2 galaxies away. We are forming a new planetary grid system and evolutionary leap of consciousness. Everything in the Universe is created from this structure. However we are breaking free of the restrictions of 3D limits and projecting forward into many realities of 4D. The outer edges are not formed in a complete circle. It is for us to fill in the other edges of our reality right now. With our creative ideas and just go for it without borders. We define this new world from the inside out. By looking at this structure it unleashes an understanding of the Universe and opens up our hearts. Our reality once said atoms are everything, however an atom “you cannot trust for it makes up everything!” That is what this galactic light language is saying. Have fun, create, open your heart and Greetings to a New World and New Earth of 2013. © Copyright 2004-2013 all rights Salo Stanley, D.C.

© Copyright 2004-2015 all rights Salo Stanley, D.C.