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Patchwork Merkaba #15

This Galactic Light Language Drawing represents the Star of David also called a Merkaba. In Egypt the Merkaba means mind (Mer), body (Ba) Spirit (Ka). This symbol is how the spirit travels to other dimensions in dreamtime or time travel. The transmission of this patchwork Merkaba is providing new information of how to properly spin our new light bodies. Originally humans had 64 codons in their DNA but only 20 of the codons are turned on. Now by viewing this transmission we can receive the new 4 DNA codons. This may create less illness and disease when these extra codons are turned on. The patchwork pattern is fun to look at because when we are in joy that is how our heart Merkaba gets turned on. Thus it creates a proper spin, and the codons get activated. It is also an awesome symbol for spiritual protection too! © Copyright 2004-2013 all rights Salo Stanley, D.C.

© Copyright 2004-2015 all rights Salo Stanley, D.C.