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Galactic Shield #16

The New Galactic Shield #16 This Galactic Light Language Drawing transmission represents the New Galactic Shield forming. The old Roman, and Greek pillars, the Aztec, China, and the Mayan Calendar of the past has served us well. Now the Mayan Calendar has ended and this New Galactic Protective Shield is here. It states that a new Galactic Community is coming on Planet Earth. New oneness community grids are forming. New portals, doorways wormholes, and gateways of communication with our galactic family/community. We are breaking free of the old societal pillars and bringing in freedom and support. We are now free to be ourselves and sharing this with a much greater prospective outside of our Milky Way Galaxy. Our light is expanding and now connecting beyond the World Wide Web, but now the galactic web! © Copyright 2004-2013 all rights Salo Stanley, D.C.

© Copyright 2004-2015 all rights Salo Stanley, D.C.