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Mother Earth Rainbow Mandala #22

This transmission is the galactic brothers and sisters returning to planet earth in this new energy field and Matrix happening now. The veils are becoming thinner and more contact will be coming. This transmission helps us connect to our galactic community out there, ready to help and connect with us humans in dreamtime, in the skies and soon with orbs, light, sound and face to face contact. The Native Americans have been holding sacred spaces, gatekeepers, record keepers for eons with these beings and grounding in the other end of the wormhole for us to receive this beautiful information. Along with them becoming the other end of the rainbow bridge so all of us can have this connection. Wow! how cool!! © Copyright 2004-2013 all rights Salo Stanley, D.C. Create a web page at

© Copyright 2004-2015 all rights Salo Stanley, D.C.