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Abundance Mandala #24

Abundance Mandala #24. This transmission is about breaking up blocks and bringing in Abundance in our lives. The fish which represents the bringer of good fortune, wealth, courage and prosperity. The Yin /Yang symbol is about balance of work and play and in symbolism it is said to represent two Koi fish eyes looking at you, one male, one female. The black and white is the balance of both worlds Heaven and Earth. The coins represent wealth the giving and receiving of energy to create a flow. The tweed patterns are the interweaving of bringing your ideas down from heaven to earth. The flower of life grids are the ideas, creativity, prosperity of working the grids and connection with others here on planet earth to receive the abundance and prosperity that is already waiting for you. The weaving patterns are grounding in, and manifestation of your dreams of freedom. You just have to get in the vortex of your creative heart of your passions, good feelings and trust and everything else will follow. Side note: Getting past blocks/obstacles : In fact, one of the oldest Chinese legends tells about a brave koi that fought its way upstream to reach the Longmen's Dragon Gate, a series of caves in the mountainside bordering the Yi River. The fish endured many hardships and overcame innumerous obstacles, but its tenacity helped it to be victorious. Its reward when it finally leapt over the falls at the gate was the transformation from a simple carp into a magnificent dragon god.

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