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Eye of the Storm #23

The meaning of the symbols in the center of this drawing is balancing our Yin/Yang energy. It balances our male and female side, the dark and the light and helps us move into unity consciousness. Surrounding the Yin/Yang is a sea of spinning grids happening on planet Earth right now. We feel like we are lost, on a roller coaster ride, not feeling ourselves, we want to leave planet Earth, be done with it. What is happening in the sticks in this drawing are the many pathways of our new life out there. There is hope, and new energy coming. The eye represents the wisdom within each of us to choose which pathway we would like. Bringing in the wisdom through the eye our future lifetime now. What is the best fit parallel universe we envision? The center is the calm, the balance, the stillness, the expansion. It is who we are in the moment which is when we take a breath in, all is well. Focus on the center drawing of the eye or yin/yang, take a breath and watch as you regain calm and clarity. This Galactic Light Art provides wisdom, courage, strength and the energy to move forward in life. Blessings Salo

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