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Birthing our own Flower of Life #36

Birthing a New Flower of Life" #36 I drew this image for Aleya dao's Tall Cups Webnair on Monday July 15, 2013. This was the energy that emitted and the channeled message to those who attended and do Aleya's Dao's spiritual teachings. " Dimensional Shifts is birthing our new flower of life" removing barriers and external struggle. Freedom is created with release of struggle. Creating a new grounding source. Birthing our own personal flower of life. The center is the 4 circles grounding new energies the square grounds it in with dimentional shifting. The flower of life around it embracing and riding of barriers. The 3 circles are body deva higher self and team now birthing our own personal flower of life creativity breaking free with our own personal flower of life. I feel honored to be able to visually see the energy and share this with others to receive an activation. I am not from here I just work here. Blessings Salo Hey free shipping on this one!

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