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Dr. Salo Stanley, DC  Dr. Stanley is a chiropractor of 30 years who graduated Magna Cum Laude from Life Chiropractic College West in San Lorenzo, Calif., in 1986. She is a sound therapist, psychic, medium, musician, artist, researcher, professional speaker and ordained minister of the Universal Life Church in Modesto, Calif. She does paranormal research withtrans-communication radio devices to contact the Spirit World and provides channeled information to various groups in the United States. She has been featured in two movies, "Hauntings of Central California" featuring the Jeffery Hotel in Coulterville, Calif., and the A. Nonini Winery in Fresno, Calif. She is also cited in several books: Maxine Taylor's "The Earthbound Trilogy," Darcy Bellows' "Finding Vern," Yvonne Perry's "Light Language Emerging" and Michael Edwards' upcoming "Speaking to the Dead with Radios II." Dr. Stanley has had her own cable TV show with Barb Heintzelman called "BS in Fresno," has been featured on many radio programs and lectures on consciousness, positive thought and spirituality. She hosts a monthly lecture around the Central Valley called "Spiritual Potpourri." They are recorded and can be listened to on her website at http://www.salosounds.com/lectures.html.

After a crystal therapy treatment in July 1992 Dr. Stanley experienced a spiritual awakening that opened her up to new talents for sound, music and intuitive qualities. That experience gave her a different perspective of this Earth experience through new eyes. She assists others and encourages self-empowerment, courage, fun and connection with your Higher Self. "If its not fun, don't do it!" is Dr. Stanley's philosophy.
Her office is located in Fresno's Tower District near Fruit and McKinley. Office hours are M-F, 9:30 a.m. to noon and 2:30-6:00 p.m. Affordable fees are available for sound therapy sessions. She also does spiritual readings over the phone to help you with your spiritual purpose. Dr. Stanley occasionally accepts new patients for chiropractic treatment regarding neck,wrist, shoulder, and foot pain.

Her office is located in The Tower District near Fruit and Mckinley the office is open MTWTHF 9:30-12 noon  2:30-6:00pm.  Affordable fees for chiropractic, energetic balancing and sound therapy sessions. She also does spiritual readings on the phone to help you with your spiritual purpose. Check out her spiritual reading page here http://www.salosounds.com/readings.html  Dr. Stanley's number is 559 445-1665 or cell number is 559 250-0845.

It is well known that physicians were musicians in ancient Egypt. In Medieval times all physicians were required to study music. Dr. Stanley utilizes both sound and music therapy in her practice. She has studied with world renowned sound healer and author Jonathan Goldman in Colorado http://www.healingsounds.com/ and Acupuncturists/Sound Healers Jude and Paul Ponton in Sedona, Arizona. She has studied with sound healer Aleya Dao http://aleyadao.com/ , from Santa Barbara, California. She also researches Intrumental Transcommuication Devices, radios with white noise to investigate contact with the other side. 

Sound treatment consists of tuning forks applied to acupuncture points on the body. Every illness is a musical problem and every cure has a musical solution“ Novalis 16th century. "The Body is held together by sound. The presence of disease indicates that some sounds have gone out of tune." Dr. Deepak Chopra. 

Sound therapy treatments are 1 hour . Tuning forks are applied to acupuncture points on the body. Light therapy is above the treatment table and a Infratonic sound therapy machine with alpha waves is placed on the shoulder or belly to give the patient a sense of relaxation. Alpha waves are the first state of meditation/relaxation.  It trains the brain to relax/meditate and gain access to a whole new way of living: less anxiety, less stagnation, greater health, fewer accidents, more creativity,  clarity, more peak performance, and more happiness. (60 minute session sliding scale $40-$65)

Thus by applying the tuning forks the body can get back in tune and become healthy and harmonious. Just think when you are sad or depressed, you put on your favorite music and you instantly feel better. If a patient comes in after a bad day, she may get out her small Celtic harp and pluck a simple tune to help brighten up their day.

Dr. Stanley has performed in the past with her Native American Flute with Mark Shuklian percussionist with the jazz band “Zzah”. Mark and Salo produced a CD called “Walking Between Worlds” http://cdbaby.com/cd/salomarkin 2000. Music of the Native American Flute and percussion. They have been on the Santa Barbara PBS Television show "Bridging Heaven and Earth"    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZQ7tBTSxmQ with new age writer Hank Wesselman which was broadcast to 50 cities across the United States, France and England. They have performed at festivals in San Francisco, Lark in the Morning World Music Festival, Borders and vast healing centers in the Western US.

Dr. Stanley has performed in Helena, Montana at the R. Carlos Nakai retreat/workshop with R. Carlos Nakai as the Master of Ceremonies.

Dr. Stanley also performs with musician, singer, songwriter Barb Heintzelman here in Fresno at the Full Circle Brewery, Joe’s Steakhouse, and Valley Children‘s Hospital special music program.

Dr. Salo Stanley feels that music offers a sense of spiritual presence and remembrance of who we are. In reality we are all music/vibration and all interconnected in this vast Universe, music brings us home again.

One of my favorite quotes by David Bohm the physicist "Thinking with in a fixed circle of ideas tends to restrict the questions to a limited field, and if one's questions stay within that limited field, so do the answers." We are breaking through the veil of that limited field.

It takes three things for a successful self healing transformation to occur: As Adam DreamHealer from Canada states:

1. Positive Attitude

2. Ability to be receptive

3. Desire for personal change

It is your own darn fault if you get healed!

Barb Heintzelman CMT and Reiki Master works at our office.  She is a great massage therapist, and many of my patients see her for massage and energy work and classes.  She can reached at 559 289-7747 or her website www.barbhcmt.com . 

Aleya Dao is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, master sound and energetic healer. She has available CD's for clearing and balancing of the body. She lives in Santa Barbara and now has an office in Clovis, California. Her website is http://aleyadao.com/ She also provides phone sessions and can be contacted at 1-805-680-3991 for an appointment. Her journey work sessions are done 3 times a month. This is great for helping with the energy changes that everyone going through She is making this planet rock!!!!! I do the journey work monthly.


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