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Runways at a Florida airport are to be given brand new numbers, but not for cosmetic reasons - the changes are thanks to movement in the Earth's magnetic field. But the affects of the magnetic shift are being felt over 3,500 miles south of the Arctic - at Tampa International Airport.

Magnetic shifts happening and altering our dna Nation Geographic 2009 

Magnetic Portals on Planet Earth Nasa

A Giant Breach in Earths Magnetic Field. Nasa December 16, 2008.

NASA's five THEMIS spacecraft have discovered a breach in Earth's magnetic field ten times larger than anything previously thought to exist. 

Scientists Baffled by speed of sun storm, Telegraph May 2005.  

Where it used to take 2 hours for the sun's protons to hit the earth now takes 15 minutes.

Ships' logs give clues to Earth's magnetic decline, New science May 2006.

article states in New Science that the poles are shifting


Rare Mirage off the east coast of China, Penglai, May 7, 2005. 
This shows that the veils are thinning, many realities are happening at the same time, or we are viewing the future.
Keep up to date with daily earth changes and solar flares.


A range of opinions on the coming earth changes from the Hopi Elders to the Mayans to science at


Physicist Stan Deyo has predictions of earth changes.  He can tell of seismic stress over fault lines by temperature changes.  He has an accuracy of 80 percent.  


The planet is changing more light photons create changes in our aura's energetic field.  That is why so many of us are waking up at 3:00-4:00am in the morning.


The chakras of the planet are:

Root chakra:  Lasa, Tibet

Second chakra: Giza Pyramids

Third chakra: Stonehenge

Forth heart chakra: Machu Picchu

Fifth throat chakra: Los Angeles Olivera St. Gazebo

Sixth third eye chakra: Oska, Japan Tin Reed City

Crown chakra:  Earth not part of galactic community, but coming soon!

 Information on planet chakras from Sean David Morton.



Pole shifts lead to polarity which is Unity consciousness.

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