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These Galactic Light Language Drawings are created by Dr. Salo Stanley, D.C.  They are drawn with color jell pens on black paper or pen and ink on white paper. These symbols create a visual stimulation for the right side of the brain to download these images. The right side of our brain is our feelings and intuition and bypasses logic. A silent telepathic sound is created when viewing these symbols. The basis of a symbol is trying to teach you to absorb a charge of light to our DNA. When we attract light, our dreams come true.  These pictures transmit a frequency in your energetic field. They download little files of multidimensional teachings and increase our human consciousness to connect with our higher self.  They create data from the Galactic Library and other far away planets in the Universe to help humans evolve.  The frequencies of these symbols also connect us more to our guides, angels or teams in the Universe. It helps us become more self-empowered, upgrades our DNA, and dissolves old patterns and thought forms that no longer serve us. By visually looking at them they help increase our frequency and light. It creates a major opening activation and energy portal within our energetic fields.


Many of these drawings are like fractals caught in a moment of time expanding.  When people purchase these prints or drawings I hold them between my hands to ask with heartfelt intention that the light beings come and live in thhe artwork to aid and assist the highest potential for the person it is going to.


Dr. Salo Stanley, D.C. is a Chiropractor of 25 years, sound therapist, musician, artist, and intuitive.  After a spiritual awakening on a crystal healing table in Fresno, CA in1992.  It was a walk in experience and many spiritual gifts emerged and also contact with other beings in the Universe. She was able to understand the nature of symbols and what she calls galactic light language symbols from our galactic communities.  She is able to see, draw and interpret these symbols which come from our galactic communities out there in the Universe.

Dr. Salo Stanley lives in Fresno, CA. " I am not from here I just work here."


Each drawing comes with a channeled information from Salo's guides and angels on what the meaning is on the back of each drawing.  


A quote from one of my patients who bought this Galactic Light Drawing Called Zendala Fun

"Hi Salo, I wanted to share that I gave your light drawing to Charis's daycare teacher. She opened it in front of

2-3 of the kids (1 1/2 to 2 1/2 year olds) and they kissed it as soon as they saw it. Wow, pretty cool, huh!"


This Galactic Light Activation creates abundance in our energetic field.



Another Happy Customer Trevor


Cost of the following copies of each drawing 8 1/2 x 11 card stock print is $15.  Postage and handling is $5 if mailed in US.  So if you are buying one and you are in the US the cost is $15 plus $5 =$20 total. International sales postage and handling is 2-3 weeks at a cost of $12. So international if you bought one plus mailing the total is $27. From now and through June  2013 you can purchase these light readings for $10.


Use the pay pal button below for your order.  Remember to have the correct address for mailing via your paypal account.  Remember to put which Light Reading number and name you would like and how many. If you live in Fresno, contact me for you to come pick it up and save postage and handling. My email is 

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To view the pictures larger and what the meaning of each one, just click the picture and it will come up larger with a written description.




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