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Hay House Radio

Hay House, Inc.

 A spiritual classroom listening radio for free!  Wayne Dyer, Sylvia Brown, Glynis the numerology lady and many more. 


Aleya Dao's Daily Meditation

For as little as $10 a month Aleya's Daily Meditation and personal sound healing work is awesome! It will transcend you to a higher vibration.  I highly recommend it during this transition time on this planet.  It helps many of my patients.  Aleya is a master teacher. She is the founder of the Dao Institute in Santa Barbara and also performs beautiful toning concerts around the country.

Barb Heintzelman Massage Therapist

My favorite massage therapist and talented singer/songwriter.  She is at our office 410 West Olive Ave. Suite 101, Fresno CA 93728. She can be reached by phone 559 289-7747.


 Ester and Jerry Hicks on the channeled work of the group energy of Abraham (means teacher).  This is work I recommended for my patients.  Change your thoughts, change your life.  Set your rockets of desire forth in the Universe.  Your vibrational escrow is waiting for you to collect.  Contrast in life is necessary to see what you want and don't want in life.

Divine Cosmos

David Wilcock, some say he is the recarnation of Edgar Cayce. He has wonderful information about the Cosmos and 2012.  Here is a link to You Tube Video of a lecture about 2012 our DNA and how we are changing


Mark and Debby Constantinos world renowned evp experts, lectures, paranormal researchers.  They have also been on the Ghost Adventures TV Show.  They got awesome stuff, check it out.

Kae Spiritual Reader and Medium

Kae is an awesome reader and medium who lives in Palm Springs CA.  She is heartfelt, kind, compassionate reader who makes you feel good after the session.  Check her out.

Vortex Hunters

Vortex Hunters is a great website that marks the different energy vortex nodal points in the United States and the world.  Yes, we have the Tower District here in Fresno, CA listed as a vortex of energy, how cool!  Check out the site.

Visions into the Past Paranormal

Visions into the Past Paranormal is a group back east that investigates and reports on the paranormal.  They have a great radio show, and at times I am a guest.  Bear and Mike investigate and host the radio show, Margaurite manages the website (with Mike) and investigate. Other team members who investigate are Lisa, Chris, Ann  along with team historian, Shannon.

Canadian Paranormal

Here is Canadian Paranormal run by Dawn.  Hey, they are great fans of my work, check out there website and hook up also on facebook.

Chris Fleming

Chris Fleming is a great psychic, medium, artist.  His website has great paranormal products.  He also provides a great 45 min reading over the phone.  He has been on the show Dead Famous, and Psychic Kids.

Coast to Coast Am With George Noory

Coast to Coast Am Radio with George Noory has a lot of information from new age tops, mediums, UFO's, Earth Changes, and a variety of topics.

Selena Mitchell MS, LAc Acupuncturist

Selena Mitchell is an awesome acupuncturist.  We recommend her to alot of our patients.  Her office is near Maroa and Shaw.  It is beautiful.  Her phone number is (559) 288-7889 here email address is


The Labryinth Society

How to build a Labryinth.  We have the classical 7 circut one at our office.

Labyrinths belong to the family of “Mandalas” (sanskrit for “circle that contain the Essence”). They guard, activate & amplify the spiritual energies of a place so that people who walk it can experience a feeling of grace, peace or holiness in their heart, soul & spirit. A labyrinths a mini pilgrimage into your own self; an open invitation and guide to encounter who you are. If you walk the labyrinth with the full dedication of a pilgrim, you won’t be the same anymore upon exiting: the old “you” will be literally grounded and "peeled off" at the threshold stone and a purified “you” will emerge, eager to tackle new directions in your life’s journey. Another web link on labyrinths at

Gregg Branden

For information with a blend of science and spiritualilty here is the place. For over 20 years, Gregg Braden has searched high mountain villages, remote monasteries and forgotten texts to uncover their timeless secrets. The key is feelings of the heart!

Family of light

A place where there are many listings of light workers on the internet.

Matrix Energetics with Dr. Richard Bartlett

Here is a website with work done with Dr. Richard Bartlett a Chiropractor in Washington State.  Two point healing, reconnecting the two light points with touch and visualization.  Time traveling with your mind to heal yourself.  I love his book.  Check it out.

Joe's Steakhouse and Grill

This is one of our favorite places to eat.  Homemade food, family owned.  It is downtown Fresno 831 Van Ness Blvd. past Kern Street next to the circular parking garage.  We also play music there!

Whitley Strieber's Unknown Country

No where else on the web will you hear information that is not supressed.  Subjects from UFO's, Meditation, New Age topics, earth changes.  Whitley has a great bookstore.

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