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Max the Crystal Skull Lecture

Joann Parks and Max the Crystal Skull 

Saturday March 14, 2015

730PM to 9:00 ish 

Spiritual Life Center

1521 Tollhouse Road Suite B

Clovis, CA 


Tickets $25 cash no refunds no children

RSVP with Dr. Salo Stanley 559 250-0845

No tickets sold at door 


Lecture is about 90 mins or so long.


Max and JoAnn Parks at my home in Fresno, CA 3-13-15 How cool!!!



A wonderful rainbow healing with Max the Crystal Skull on 3-14-15 Clovis, CA


Pamela Vanderpoel wrote this lovely article on this Lecture of Max the Crystal Skull and JoAnne Parks visit to Fresno, Ca 3-14-15. Thank you so much for the lovely article Pam you rock!!




Nice To Meet You Max


The room was low lit and meditation music was gently filtering in. Max was placed front and center atop his autumn colored display.

We opened with the solid vocals of  Barb Heintzelman. This woman has a pitch perfect vibrato that could melt butter.

 Dr. Salo Stanley was all about that  bass and beat .The energy of the room was palpable with spirit. For those who do not know of Dr. Salo Stanley, where have you been? This spiritual dynamo has been part of Central California Spiritualism for many years now and has a tap into galactic knowledge that we all need to hear. Also an artist and sound healer, it was she and Barb who have the JoAnn Parks connection and arranged for the Max Experience in Clovis.

JoAnn introduced us to Max and told his tale of discovery, scrutiny and even some humor. Clearly her speaking style is open, friendly and honest. She herself is also in wonder about her travels with Max and how he has shaped her life. All those in attendance were very curious in their inspections of this living quartz. I will not waste time or energy on skepticism. To be skeptical is okay but to attend an event to purposefully  kill hope for others would be downright rude. JoAnn’s message was about individual truths and how said truths help us learn in our present existence. Perhaps a meeting with Max could enhance our experience with our inner selves and then in turn help future civilization. We talked about the important study of genetic memory. More about that at this link.

We wrapped up our evening with everyone getting a chance to greet Max and touch him briefly. We all had a different approach.Some cradled Max some kissed Max, I chanted to Max and offered him chakra breathe. I am now wondering after feeling the extra energy. Does Max leaves miracles in his wake? More to study, always more to study

Thank you to Barb Heintzelman ,CMT, RMT

Thank you to Dr. Salo Stanley, D.C.

Thank You JoAnn Parks


Max at my home in Fresno February 3, 2012 with just a white light behind him. Picture taken by Dr. Salo Stanley, D.C. Fresno, CA copyright.



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 There are 13 crystal skulls known in the world at this time. MAX is the largest, weighing 16 pounds. Many, including the British Museum, consider Max to be one of the rarest artifacts ever found on the planet. Estimated to be at least 10,000 years old, MAX was found in a tomb in St. Augustine, Guatemala, between 1924 and 1926. He was used by the Mayan priests for healing and prayer. 

After studying in India, Norbu Chen, a powerful healer of the Tibetan sect of Red Hat Lamas, traveled to Guatemala where he studied with the Mayan priests. It was here he came into the presence of MAX. Chen was given this precious artifact when he left the Mayans so he could use it in his journey as a healer. 

JoAnn Parks met the Lama through their family medical doctor when her twelve-year-old daughter was dying of bone cancer. JoAnn ended up working for the Lama for many years. Before Norbu died, he gave the cherished crystal skull to her with no explanation but that someday they would know what the crystal skull was all about. After many years, communication from the skull told JoAnn of his name and his desire to assist humanity by direct experience. Now JoAnn travels with MAX across the country providing this experience to all who are called.

There will be a Saturday evening (730pm) March 14, 2015 presentation with JoAnn Parks which includes the story of Max, the story/facts of the crystal skulls, $25. 


Lecture is at the Spiritual Life Center Clovis, CA

Many who have been in the presence of the skulls feel they are from other dimensional realms. Many who have touched the skulls have had a range of experiences including instantaneous healing, received information about the origins of civilization, seen visions of other worlds, heard unusual sounds and/or expanded their psychic abilities.

Max is an authentic ancient crystal skull; a wonder of the world estimated to be thousands of years old and considered by many, to be one of the rarest artifacts ever found on this planet. Max was discovered in Guatemala and was used by Mayan priests for healing, rituals, and prayers.

Lama Norbu, and American, trained to be a powerful healer of the Tibetan sect of Red Hat lamas, studied in the tiny Asian nation of Sikkim with his own teacher, Lama Norbu Lampas, and in Guatemala with Mayan priests, where he came into the presence of Max. Norbu was given this precious skull when he left the Mayans to continue on his path as a healer. His travels took him to Houston, Texas, where he started a healing foundation. The crystal skull sat on his altar as a healing and spiritual tool. 

It was during this time that JoAnn and Carl met the lama through their family medical doctor when their twelve year old daughter, Diana, was dying of bone cancer. JoAnn ended up working for the foundation and the lama for many years. Before Norbu died, he gave the cherished crystal skull to the Parks with no explanation except that someday when the time was right, they would know what the crystal skull was all about. JoAnn did not know what to do with the crystal skull, so she placed it in a box in her closet for many years.

In 1987 JoAnn saw a TV show that led her to Mr. FR 'Nick' Nocerino of California. She found out that he was considered the world's foremost expert on crystal skull research. Mr. Nocerino was "the man" who had searched for Max since 1949. He had acquired Sha-Na-Ra, another ancient crystal skull.

An old ancient legend tells of thirteen life- size crystal skulls. According to these ancient teaching, one day all of the true ancient crystal skulls will be re-discovered and brought together for their collective wisdom to be made available, but the human race must first be sufficiently evolved, both morally and spiritually so as not to abuse this great power and knowledge. No one knows if this ancient legend is true. However, one day mankind may find out. 

Max the crystal skull is known nationally and internationally. He has been presented in several documentaries world wide. In 1996, Max was researched by the British Museum. In conjunction with the BBC British Network, and Everyman Productions a documentary was produced for Britain. This aired on the A&E Network, and the Discovery Channel all over the world. He was featured on the Travel Channel on a show called "Top 10 Mysteries" and a national show called "Strange Universe", He has done a documentary for Japan and the Spanish Channel, and has been featured in the news, including many newspaper articles, books and videos worldwide.

A Message from Max

 I am here as a teacher and a tool.  I am a connector that goes back to self. 
When you look into my eyes, you are looking at a reflection of your own self, of who you are and who you aspire to be. 
 I am about peace and harmony and bringing people together.  I am here to help bridge the gap between Races, Cultures, and Religions.

I am about healing.  However, remember there are many levels of healing.  There is physical, mental, spiritual and emotional healing. 
All of these levels must be treated in order to heal what is sick.

I am about self, the reunion with your self and tapping into the path of higher consciousness.  Each time an individual comes into contact with me, some shift in their consciousness occurs.  That shift is generally around their ability to feel more connected to the self. 
I am here to gently awaken the sleeping giant of spirituality that lays buried deep within humankind. 
I accomplish this with my unique gift of touching each individual in my own way."  



Dr. Salo Stanley, D.C.


(559) 250-0845 cell 

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Max on our chair in the dining of our house.  How cool the rainbows on his nose and the lighting! Photo taken by Dr. Salo Stanley on January 18, 2009.

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