Radio Interviews
Radio interviews Dr. Salo Stanley. D.C.


Dr. Salo Stanley 8-7-14 being interviewed by Teri Van Horn of Healing Light Radio a Hay House Affiliate talking of sound therapy and the language of light.


New Spirituality Internet Radio with Healing Light Radio on BlogTalkRadio
Maxine Taylor from Move into the Magic Co Creator Network Radio Interviews Dr. Salo Stanley on September 16, 2013 regarding the walk in experience and her Galactic Light Art symbols to help people with her artwork to spiritual expand, get past barriers and be in your highest spiritual potential.  Hey, if you like it give me an email at  I love to get feedback!!  Blessings Salo



Alternative Frequencies Radio Show 3-6-13 Stephen Hill Interviewing Dr. Salo Stanley about spirit boxes and Max the Crystal Skull



Bruce Starr the Luvcoach interviewing Dr. Salo Stanley August 22, 2012 on her spiritual journey and energies of the planet on Blogtalk radio.



Dr. Salo Stanley being interviewed by Sandy and Russ Wells on June 14, 2012


Mike and Bear Interview Dr. Salo Stanley on Paranormal Visions into the Past Radio on 4-30-12.




Dr. Salo Stanley's radio interview with Visions into the Past Paranormal Radio Uber Network Radio with Mike and Bear on




Maxine Taylor intervieww Dr. Salo Stanley, D.C. on 12-26-11 being a walk-in


Maxine Taylor Interviews Dr. Salo Stanley, D.C. 4-2-12 

KMO interview with Dr. Salo Stanley talking about Universal Light Language November 2009

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