Spiritual Readings
Helping You Become Self Empowered

Dr. Salo Stanley has just moved to Springfield Illinois, all my spiritual reading sessions are on the phone from all around the world.

Dr. Salo Stanley had a spiritual awakening in 1992 after a crystal healing in Fresno, California.  Since then the gift of hearing her guides and angels were awakened.  For years she has used her abilities for her friends and patients, but recently her guides said do more spiritual readings as more people are awakening. To present  tools and guidance to help people with their new found gifts.  New energies are on the planet now and many Stargate's are opening and more light is hitting our planet (300 times more bright now). Our DNA is changing and we are getting more intuitive and sometimes we need clarity for the decisions we are making. Life is a journey of learning, experiencing and being.  One spiritual reading will not instantly change that, however it may just give you another way of looking at the world.  One more tool or piece of the puzzle to help us with gaining clarity.


Good Morning Salo,
    Just a quick note as I was able to listen to the recording over the weekend and such a powerful experience.  I know that every time I listen, some new insight will be revealed!  There are some scenarios that you describe within the reading are exactly what did occur at some point in my life, or are continuing to be true (ie rescuing animals!).  Thank you for using your gift in such a compassionate way and to enrich the experience of others on this journey!
   All the best and blessings, Susan

BLOWN AWAY by my 11 minute reading!! Salo I cannot thank you enough. To anyone contemplating connecting with Salo whether it be via the 11min reading or the full one, 100% amazing, worth it, so cool. So much great information and packed with incredible knowledge. I am going to absorb it and apply. It was great to hear encouragement and support. Don’t hesitate! Salo is truly gifted! 

Wesley Lamb Canada
You are an absolute delight and I couldn't ask for more from a reading! So much new information and confirmation of many things. It will take some time to take it all in. This is what I call fun! :) 
Sending love and Blessings your way 
Mary H. Washington State USA
I must tell you Miss Salo, your reading continues to unfold in front of me. I listen to it often and it continues to give me chills. The shocking thing to me, i had every intention of keeping my job when you gave me the reading and you told me i would have a new job in 2018. Low and behold, one extremely spiritual evening, everything inside myself was compelling me to quit my job with AT&T and try on my own. I attempted to start my own business, which was against what you had told me about 2018 for me, 2019 being the year that i should or could start a business, and everything collapsed all around me. After 4 months of a truly dark night of the soul, I do indeed have a new job! You are truly amazing and i look forward to the opportunity to have a reading again from you in the days to come.
Kevin Rass
Fresno, CA
Had an amazing session with Salo this afternoon! Loads of information and so accurate! 
Thank you so much Salo and I will definitely book another session! Blessings! 
April Aalto
Hidden Valley Lake, CA

Spiritual Reading (Guidance)

All reading are done on the phone and not in person

 Part of my spiritual purpose, my gift is to provide guidance for the forks in the road for others. To help you become self-empowered.  I am similar to a life coach, it is you that does the work, but I can cheer you on and provide another prospective or vantage point in viewing life.  Maybe looking outside the box.  I do not have all theanswers, this is a journey for myself also an adventure on Mother Earth.  So, whatever resonates, take in, whatever does not resonate, you can put on the shelf for later reviewing or you can toss it out the window. 

Remember the quote: "Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I said it, unless it agrees with your own reason (intuition) and your own common sense" Buddha (563 BC- 483 BC)"

Remember nothing is set in stone, there is free will choice.  As a galactic reader, I call it this because my main ability is Clairaudient.  I hear my guides, like writing on a chalk board I read from the galactic library of information, the galactic Internet. 

I can read the probabilities out there, usually there are 5 paths/doorways with percentages on them.  Because of free will with decision making, there are also many probabilities involved. The highest one of the moment comes to view when I am doing a reading.  I usally read the highest percentage of which path or doorway comes into view. Remember there are parallel universes out there.  One example is going to McDonald's and trying to decide if you want a Big Mac or a Chicken sandwich.  So you choose the Big Mac, but there is also another reality where you choose the Chicken sandwich.  Cool stuff!  There is never right or wrong, only choices of creative desires for the reality that we are in at the moment.  In order for us to reach our totality all choices are experienced in some parallel world, we just don't have it occur in this world and we don't quite remember.

I do not answer questions that do not help you on your spiritual journey such as  "is my boyfriend the right person? "why did he leave me?",  "will I meet my soulmate"... " My Daugher or Son has this and this problem with her boyfriend or job what will be the outcome? I will aid and assist with information to help you make a choice.  We are here for you to become self-empowered, to cheer you on for your own spiritual path.

 If you are on a spiritual quest, working on your self to become self-empowered, willing to be receptive to the new energies on the planet, and open to remembering who you are, then a reading may be for you. I am only helping you return to your own knowingness. Support you in honoring your own path.


What to expect during your first reading:

First Time Reading of your Numerology and Life Purpose Reading

During your first session we will go over  what your numerology, life path number,your attitude number, your personal year you are in.  What next year numerology holds.  We go over 4 phases of your life ruled by these special numbers called penticales.  We give you a positive affirmation to say for your journeys life purpose.  We also go over a few of your past lifes.  The last 15 min are questions and answers you can ask my guides and angels to help you with your spiritual journey.

I will need your full birthday, city, state and time of birth to do your chart.   If something that has been bothering you just write a short one to two sentence in an email salo2@comcast.net for me to meditate on. I usually meditate before a reading to get messages, and sometimes receive dreams before the readings so most of the first reading you are given a lot of information. All readings are over the telephone or facebook messenger video.

All readings are recorded and sent to you email after the session as a MP3 file to download to your computer within 2 hours after the session.

You can receive 30 min sessions after the first one hour reading.  You can seek guidance questions, on a move, job, health and yes now you can ask about relationships with others. I tap into the galactic library with my guides to answer the best that I can. If you are outside of the United States I have facebook messenger video and we can do a video telephone session 30 min. The cost for 30 in session is sliding fee of $40-$45.  Just let me know where you are from and your time zone so I can shoot you the correct times for a reading.

Any cancellation of a phone reading must be done 48 hours before a reading or you will be charged for your time slot $25. 

Email me at salo2@comcast.net for an apt also give me your from and time zone.  Put in the heading for the email 1 hour spiritual reading phone and inside have your full birthday, city of birth, time of birth and state of birth for me with the request.  I am usually booked 1 -2 weeks ahead, but at time there may be sooner apts.  I will get back to you with some times for a session on the phone.  Email responses are usually very quick I check my mail often unless I am on vacation in the Universe.



Phone Sessions Prices


1 hour first time Phone Session Salo

sliding fee of $85-$130

I Really recommend an hour to answer questions at the end, I give a lot of information the first 30 -40 min jam packed. The readings are recorded MP3 and sent to your email to download onto your computer.


Pre-requsite:  You must have the 1 hour reading with me on the phone as a spiritual foundation first before getting a 30 min Session to ask questions of Salo's Guides and angels.  During the 30 min session, you can gain more clarity on a move,  job, life changes, health or spiritual guidence. 

30 min is $40-45. 


$25 11 min audio email Salo

This is for those of you that find the $80-$130 1 hour phone session not in your budget, so I provide a mini 11 min audio reading of your numerology, life path numbers, what the numerology for the year and next year are for you and few information on your life purpose north node.  Just email me at salo2@comcast.net with the heading 11 min audio reading and inside the email please have your full birthday, city of birth, time of birth and state of birth for me in the email.  I will then send a paypal link for the $25 and I email you the 11 min audio withing 1-3 days.


Get in Touch with your Guides and Angels phone Session $35

A short guided meditation to help you get in touch with your guides and angels and receive there names or apperance.  Done over the phone and recorded Mp3.  20-30 min.  Cost $35.


Don't pay me ahead, please contact me first with your request via email 




All sessions are recorded and are pressed on CD or sent in mp3 format via email.

Contact Dr. Salo Stanley to schedule an appointment


or cell 559 250-0845



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