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 "Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense" Buddha (563 BC- 483 BC)

 Physicist Dr. Kaku UFO's are real http://news.exopoliticsinstitute.org/index.php/archives/387.

 The most current maps across the United States of UFO'S sightings can be viewed at ufomaps.com


Project Camelot discussions on UFO's ET's, 2012, and Montauk.  You-tube video
David Wilcock interviews Some say that he is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.  Great information of Ra and the Law of One.


 Vatican Looks to Heavens for signs of Alien Life     AP Press 11-10-09


Weekly reported UFO sightings across the world.  
National UFO center posted weekly reports on UFO sightings across the US. Interesting photos and video!


UFO's in artwork A.D. famous renaissance artwork
Interesting photo slidshow on UFO's in artwork



UFO over Mexico City, May 2009
mothership releasing orbs of light around 4 min into video. A must watch!


UFO at Osaka Japan airport posted 02-25-09


UFO Fires Beams Over Alto Rosario, Argentina Again!


UFO over Sacramento, California 11-22-08 Article


57 catologued varieties alien life forms in milky way (disclosure project video)


UFO in United Arab Emirates 11-2007 video by Nick Wilty


UFO's in Renaissance Art
Very interesting website, goes indepth UFO's in Renaissance art


UFO film footage in Istanbul, Turkey, May, June, July, September 2008. very clear footage!


 Clear UFO picture in Argentina   taken in Argentina 4-17-08



UFO clear picture taken in Michigan April 16, 2008


Stephenville UFO Videos


The Stephenville website for the UFO sighting   done by Angelia Joiner 


UFO caught in foggy car park  Portmouth, England posted 02/12/08


 UFO spotted  in Stephenville, Texas CNN video,  posted 1/16/09


A smiley face captured on Mars by Satellite   posted 02/04/08


Nasa probe on Mars captures figure on red rock


UFO Video captured in Clairemont near San Diego 1-1-08 


Billy Meir UFO contactee wrote back in 1958 many prophecies have come to pass.   Information on Billy Meir on Michael Horn's website.


UFO picture caputured in Britian posted 1/28/08


Cute animated alien video
Made by Shana Barry in honor of coast to coast AM


 This is where I get my crop circle images  Crop Circle Connection


  Lt. Walter G. Haut Roswell base public information officer "deathbed" affidavit to seeing spacecraft and bodies Roswell 1947 


Paola Harris's website has information regarding UFO's and Exopolitics ( the study of contact and relations between humanity and extraterrestrials civilizations), she is bringing to light aliens that live among us, pictures being disclosed in Italy. Will there be a disclosure in the future of this information? She has a film called "FastWalkers" it is what the military calls UFO's. 



Here is a a website from France that has in depth quality scientific research on the UFO phenomenon, with picture':  ufoevidence.org 


Dr. Ronald Mallett, professor of the University of Connecticut predicts time travel this centuryFor more information about Dr Mallett; check out this youtube video 'The world's first time machine'.


Former Governer of Arizonia admits to seeing UFO   Posted 03/18/07
Fife Symington has admitted that he witnessed the Phoenix lights on March 13, 1997. he made a joke of it on TV in 1997 but now reveals the truth 



New Phoenix lights sighted this month February, and January 2007. I met Dr. Lynne Kitei M.D 2 years ago at the San Jose UFO Conference. We had a wonderful talk. Check out her movie documentary at my office called "The Phoenix Lights" on DVD. You can also order the movie here www.phoenixlights.net/.


The trailer for Jose Escamilla's film "UFOs The Greatest Story Ever Denied".
Also seen is unknown UFO footage from Nasa using infrared film.



UFO captured on video in China August 17, 2006



There was a secret program in 1965 to 1978 where there was an exchange program of 12 humans with ET's from another planet called Serpo. For more information check out serpo.org.



James Gilland has great pictures and information in Washington state of contact with UFO's on his ranch at eceti.org.


Pulsar signals coming from the Galactic Core.  Evidence that we are getting signals from a vast network or maybe ET'S.Paul A. La Violette, PHD, his book & website www.etheric.com/LaVioletteBooks/Book-Talk.html




Sean David Morten website is great for prophecy. Mind is the builder, we can change the future with our spiritual intentions. We are all one, as well as one with mother earth. www.delphiassociates.org/



 Bizarre hexagon spotted on Saturn from NASA 03/07









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